Beehold the Solution

AI driven software for precision beekeeping

Meet your new digital assistant

AI-driven software designed for remote and real-time beekeeping that provides suggestions for optimal actions, yield, and problem predictions.

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Our Process

How does Beehold work?

Hive Monitoring 🐝

Sensors gather real-time information from hone - monitor conditions, temperature, and activity every moment of the day.


Data Collection 📊

No more manual tracking! Our app automates data collection, ensuring accurate hive information from health to honey production.

Stats at Your Fingertips 📱

Now turn data into action! Access intuitive stats on your dashboard - hive analytics, trends and recommendations. Make the right decision at the right time.


With Beehold you will have:

More Honey Production

Boost your hive's productivity effortlessly with our AI beehive app, guaranteeing a sweeter harvest every season.

Increased Incomes

Watch your profits rise along with your hive's productivity. Our AI technology ensures a lucrative return on your beekeeping investment.

More Free Time

Enjoy the sweet life outside the hive – our app does the monitoring for you, giving you more free time without compromising your beekeeping success.

Healthier Hives

Prioritize bee well-being with real-time monitoring. Our AI beehive app ensures your colonies thrive, creating a sustainable and healthy beekeeping environment.

Choose a plan that meets you need

Assistant Pricing

€10 /monthly | €100 /yearly

Beehold App - Mobile app for monitoring your bee hives
Mobile Data - SIM card with unlimited data so you never worry about your hives
Compatibility with multiple devices

Beehold assistant is compatible
with following devices:

About the product

SMS Scale indicator is a specialized electronic device for measuring honey yield.

Unique Functions:
• Easy and customizable setup
• Different ways for measuring honey yield
• Adjustable features for unique and tailored experience
• Alarm system for hive, vehicles and beehive protection
• Available web services by using GPRS

Prices starting from €210

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About the product

Bee Care is a unique digital service for beekeepers and honey gourmets created
to make beekeeping simple.

Unique Features:
• Over the Air Connectivity
• Task Manager
• Notification features
• Weight, temperature and humidity tracking

Prices starting from €340

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24/7 monitoring

Uninterrupted Insight: Experience 24/7 hive monitoring with our AI technology, ensuring your bees are always under watchful eyes, day and night.

80% less hive opening

Saves your time: Reducing on-site management by 80%. Our AI beehive tracking allows you to relax and let the assistant do the monitoring.

Compatible with standard hives

Seamless Integration: Compatible with standard hives, our AI system effortlessly adapts to your beekeeping setup, bringing advanced tracking capabilities to your familiar environment.

More precise instructions than ever before

Precision Redefined: Receive more accurate and detailed instructions than ever before. Our AI-driven beehive tracking provides unparalleled precision for optimal beekeeping practices.

Learning from different hives, Beehold is becoming more intelligent with each passing moment.