Digital Assistant

AI-powered beekeepers assistant for optimal beekeeping, all the time

Trained assistant for remote and real-time beekeeping

Hive Management Optimization

Streamline hive management effortlessly.

Increase in Honey Production

Boost honey production with efficiency.

Local Economy Support

Strengthen the local economy through beekeeping.

Increase Income

Elevate income with enhanced productivity.


We take pride in partnering with organization and institutions that share our values to advocate for the well-being of our pollinators.

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Beekeepers play an important role in maintaining the bee population.

But the process of bee colony inspection remains the same as 200 years ago.

How are we contributing?

Thanks to our unique, patent protected network of fast-learning devices, we are creating digital assistants that help beekeepers on a daily basis.

Less annual bee colony loss

With Beehold beekeepers are able to protect and nurture their colonies, ultimately promoting a more sustainable future for both bees and the beekeeping industry.

Profit increased

We provide beekeepers with a solution that helps them reduce operational costs and improve honey production.

Increase productivity

Beehold assistants enable beekeepers achieve more with less, making the most of their time, resources, and efforts.

From one beekeeper to another

Our vision is to digitize every hive on the planet, and make the world a better place for bees, beekeepers and consequentially for all of us.


Keep up to date

Our beekeeping assistants are getting smarter every minute. In fact, they are learning new data right now.